Air Force Coins


Produced to commemorate the establishment of the Royal Australian Air Force’s NETECH Mustering on 25 June 2020.

The design of the coin speaks to the effects that a NETECH’s role enables in support of ADF operations.

The ASCII Binary code on the outer edge of the coin translates to ‘NETWORK TECHNICIAN.’ The mission statement reads “Responsible for the operation & management of RAAF’s network capabilities during Air, Space, Cyber and Ground operations”

The Coin is finely detailed, plated in bright gold, and featuring our soft enamel process. Each coin measures 50mm in diameter and is packed in a clear plastic coin capsule.

This another outstanding design from the creative mind of Kat Schulz.

The design and deployment of challenge coins was originally a strictly military thing, until recently when others have begun to utilise them – from first responders to corporate teams. The concept goes back to World War II at least, and some people believe they go all the way back to Roman times as tokens for service.

The reason that challenge coins have survived and grown in use and appeal, is that they work well as a tangible and economical way to help teams stand out, develop bonding through the challenge and build camaraderie and team loyalty. They’re great for recognition and reward.

Thinking of organising a coin of your own? Click here.

Important: Sorry. We cannot and will not, sell copies of any coin we make to anyone other than the original client.

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